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Despite it being winter, it seems like lots of our fans have been talking about Tillamook Ice Cream this week (maybe the cold weather is making them dream about summertime?). I know I enjoy a bowl of Tillamook Ice Cream any time of year – sunny and warm or snowy and cold!

Here are pieces from some of my favorite conversations this week. As always, thanks for hanging out with me online!



From Jacqui E.: We are still waiting for the Grandma’s Cake Batter ice cream to reappear in Cave Junction, OR!!!! I NEED that ice cream!!!

From Kirsten M.: Love the new yogurt flavors Blueberry Acai and Pomegranate Blackberry yummy.

From Melissa B. (winner of the Scavenger Hunt): Dear friends at Tillamook… THANK YOU!!!! The cheese pack arrived today… yummy goodness and I was SO surprised that it had all the other goodies in there… nuts, salmon, crackers and a Tillamook cheese slicer!! I especially love the button that says “I loaf you!” … ya gotta know… I’m going to wear it!

From Angela M.: My mom being the amazingly fantastically smart woman she is shipped me 2 baby loaves of medium cheddar for my birthday. I had my first REAL grilled cheese sandwich in over 2 years-since we moved to Georgia. It is amazing. Keep up the good work 🙂

From Crystal G.: My family absolutely LOVES Tillamook Cheese. We will not eat any other brand! When we lived in NY we could not find Tillamook anywhere, so my mom would send us care products of our favorite NW products and of course Tillamook was on the top of our list!


From @satnightfoodies: @TillamookCheese even makes killer ice cream Tillamook mudslide & Mint Choc Chip and Marionberry pie & peppermint

From @carrotrunr: Found @TillamookCheese French Vanilla yogurt in Vons today. This brand is new to SoCal. It was tasty! Now I need to find/try Banana Vanilla.

From @HughL: @TillamookCheese BEFORE AFTER (see above photos)

From @CrumbDispersion: Thanks @TillamookCheese! Once again your orange goodness made my day. #cheeseisagreatsnack

From @will8907: Good morning everyone. You know what I realized this morning that saddens me? I don’t think they have @TillamookCheese here! #windycity

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