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Happy New Year! Wow – this week really flew by. Although it has been a little crazy around here, I’ve enjoyed the moments I’ve been able to sneak away to  catch up with fans on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s a little summary of some of my favorite conversation topics this week.

Yours in Loaf Love,


From Kylie H.: I must say, being the biggest Tillamook Cheese fan in the world, it was quite the honor to open up a Tillamook Cheese sweatshirt from my grandmother this year. She knew how badly I wanted one… I was so excited! (: Stay golden, Tillamook! You too, Loafy!♥

From Mica B.: Just made myself a midnight munchies quesadilla with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese! It really hit the spot, thanks!! (:

From Joyce B.: Tillamook Cheese is the best cheese around! I buy tons every year and use in almost everything.

From Michael E.: My daughter- in-law asked my 2 yr old grandson how he got so handsome. He said “I eat lots of cheese” ( Tillamook Chesse of course)

From Gwendolynne T.: I just tried Tillamook Yogurt for the first time. It’s – incredible – !!! I like yogurt – but I LOVE this!!!


From @lydgro: @TillamookCheese our favorite gift this year was Tillamook Ice Cream and Yogurt.. a treat because we don’t have it in the stores near

From @jason_m_thomas: Every year my lsister gets me @TillamookCheese. Perhaps the best gift ever

From @QuercusSW: there is NOTHING better than Tillamook xtra Sharp Cheddar w/wine & a desert sunset, even if cold lately!

From @jakeptown: @TillamookCheese 100th anniversary aged Sharp Cheddar is too hard to say. I just call it SUPER CHEESE!! Try it and you’ll see why!

From @lazy_literatus: @TillamookCheese Darjeeling 1st Flush [tea], all the way. That goes with Sharp Cheddar.

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