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Photo by Facebook fan Linden S.M.

Hooray for the holiday weekend! What’s everyone up to? I know one thing I’ll be doing for sure — making a sundae bar with Tillamook Sticky Bun Ice Cream!

Thanks again for another week of fun conversations online!



From Clifford D.: Celebrating my 50th b-day today with Sharp Cheddar and crackers right now. AND, Chocolate w/peanut butter swirl ice cream with my cake tonight.

From Teresa S.: Your ice cream is delicious! I’ve recently fallen in love with Oregon Strawberry! So creamy! My other favorite is Mudslide.

From Ben D.: I love your cheese. Extra Sharp Cheddaron a grilled cheese is pretty much my childhood between two pieces of bread. Nom ♥

From Paige H.: My husband and I bought our first Tillamook Ice Cream… Banana Split!! It doesn’t get any better… it has everything in it… cherries, chocolate syrup, and even the walnut chips. EXCELLENT!!

From Joey L.: I’m from Portland originally and live In Sacramento now. We made the 2 hour drive to see the Love loaf Tour and go to the Zoo. Everyone that worked on the tour was wonderful!!! They made me feel like a celebrity when they found out I was from Oregon and had been to the creamery!! I had a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing them in Sacramento!!! I love Tillamook products, and only buy them!!


From @MattLewis84: Both @TillamookCheese and @CrunchIsCalling (Wheat Thins) are following me. This is some kind of delicious twitter amazingness going on here.

From @Mommy3G: I wanna go to Santorini Island in Greece, I wanna bring @TillamookCheese and I wanna walk on a Black Sands Beach! #wannagobw @TheBestWestern

From @tessamcs: @TillamookCheese Crisis! Out of Tilla-Moos! Must.Get.To.The.Store…

From @RufnSerious: Power breakfast: @TillamookCheese – 2 Tilla-Moos. Do not get in my way today people.

From @HousePuma: OhMyGosh! @TillamookCheese -mascot named Loafy that tweets. As if. Like a loaf of cheese actually could use Twitter. (<3 ur yummy goodness)

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