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From Sandy B.L.: I used to use American cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches…now it’s only Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese! So good! (And it’s also great in homemade mac n cheese, mixed with Medium Tillamook Cheddar!)

From Dawn E.: Hey! I stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory last weekend and tried the Sticky Bun Ice Cream (per your suggestion). It was AWESOME!!!

From Marian H.: My husband and I are expecting our first child later this year, and I’ve had some massive morning sickness along the way – providentially, the ONLY food that would consistently settle on my tummy was Tillamook Cheddar Cheese! =) The doctor approved (citing “real” cheese as a great source of calcium/protein), and so we ate DOZENS of pounds of cheese (purchased from Costco/our military commissary)! =) Just had to share… sure appreciate you!

From Melanie S.T.: Love the cheese, but your yogurt is out of this world…I have to drive over a half hour to get it at a WinCo, the only place that carries it here.

From Heidi S.: I love Tillamook everything, every morning my husband and I have Tillamook Yogurt for breakfast. It tastes the best and is priced right. The ice cream is delicious – our favorite is Udderly Chocolate. We are just Tillamook fans. We even took some of our vacation time to visit the factory.


From @gregvalentine: I’m not sure people can appreciate what life was like living all those places all those years without Tillamook Cheese. “Living?” Hardly.

From @BelindaOlsen:  I LOVE the Tillamook creamery! Best ice cream. Ever! If I went on vacation to OR I don’t think I’d come home.

From @xtop: @TillamookCheese You are now my favorite anthropomorphic food of all time.

From @brandoniain: Mashed fresh raspberries over buckwheat pancakes with a turkey sausage, bell pepper and @TillamookCheese scramble. Frickin yum!

From @BeachBumChris: Turns out that @TillamookCheese goes nicely after wings and beer. God I love cheese.

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