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“@TillamookCheese Factory… fun place!” – Photo by @DevEnemy

Good Aftermoon! As you may have herd, today is National Cow Appreciation Day. I am so udderly grateful for my bovine buddies. Without their delicious milk, this Baby Loaf wouldn’t exist! Don’t forget to thank a cow today, and if you don’t see any cows to thank, send them your loudest “mooooooo!” from afar.




From Ali L.: I drove through Tillamook last week (stopping by the Cheese Factory, of course), and saw what looked like the happiest cow I have ever seen in my life in one of the fields by the Factory. It was walking with a little bit of a bounce in its step and was swinging its head this way and that way, as if it were humming a tune while it walked. That cow obviously knew it was producing yummy things for everyone!

From Pete O.: Woo hoo… it is National Cow Appreciation Day! I would like to thank all the cows out there that I have enjoyed eating and getting milk products from. Especially the Tillamook cows from Tillamook, Oregon. They make the best cheese in the world. I believe it is a good day for a cheeseburger and a milkshake.

From Lynn E.M.: Had a wonderful visit. Learned a lot about making cheese. Had some wonderful ice cream. Now I am craving Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream.


From @mruncommonsense: @TillamookCheese @alwaysnwonder …our baby girl just tried to choke me out ’cause I wasn’t feeding her Mountain Huckleberry fast enough.

From @_l1l1: @TillamookCheese is the best cheese company. Their food products are amazing. I recommend going and trying some.

From @iamacityskyline: @TillamookCheese went to your factory a few days ago. Gotta say I loved your ice cream! Very cool visit on our family vacay. 🙂

From @sevenslip: Thank you @TillamookCheese for helping me hide the veggies in my daughters grilled cheese sandwich yet again.

From @StenoVal: just noticed that Safeway now carries @TillamookCheese yogurt. The French Vanilla Bean is so divine. Oregon Strawberry too!

From @Randulll: @TillamookCheese I’m naming my first child “Vintage White” after your 2 year aged supercheese

From @TheHollyJones: Wine & cheese party Friday with the girls and ooog! Look what I found to go with the Pinot Noir – from @TillamookCheese

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