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“Quick late night snack: @TillamookCheese White Cheddar Grilled Cheese with Smoked Applewood Bacon. Yummo!” – From @TotesMcGotes

What a busy, fun week! Not only was I able to chat with fans online, I also got to hang out with the Loaf Love Tour  and a collection of sea creatures at the Aquarium of the Pacific! At the end of the week, I was also a special guest at an American Marketing Association event in Portland, Oregon. I’m exhausted and ready for the weekend! What are your plans?



From Kelly O.: We love your cheese!!! And the new banana bliss ice cream is out of this world! We probably go through a block of cheese every week and a half.

From Jake B.: You are NOT a true Oregonian until you have been to the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

From Colleen P.: Thank you so much for the Aquarium tickets today…..and the cheese samples, and the coupons….We had a great day!

From Kevin S.: Passed by the buses on the Pacific Coast Hwy today; convertible looked pretty sweet!!!

From Linda B.: My Grandson is totally crazy about Tillamook Cheese, he refuses to eat any other kind! He wants to work at the Cheese Factory when he gets big too! If we eat out and he has a grilled cheese, it has to be Tillamook! He smells it and if it doesn’t smell what he says Tilamook smells like,forget he will NOT touch it!


From @Momsicle1: @TillamookCheese Made the marionberry pie shake at home! Nothing better than some #hulu and a homemade Tillamook shake.

From @mariancall: Ohhhh my brother found out I was fasting from sweets tomorrow & brought home marionberry pie ice cream tonight for meeee! @TillamookCheese

From @malakty: I just have to thank you very much for the tix. My son had a blast at the aquarium! He about ate all of your samples! XXOO

From @Mercougar: woo hoo!! My imported @TillamookCheese has arrived!! #TillamookCheeseLove

From @JSaylor: Indeed, Loafy the @TillamookCheese mascot was at the #amapdx luncheon today. He’s looking “sharp” isn’t he?

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