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Fans who stopped by Sprouts in Huntington Beach – aren’t they cute?!

I’m totally sleepy and ready for the weekend! As a random, cheesy aside, if you haven’t seen these queso cats, you’re missing out. They just made my day!

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

Lots of Loaf Love,


From Rebecca R.: My dog knows the sounds of the cheese package- even if she’s in a dead sleep. 🙂

From Lynne M.: Tillamook changed the way we eat cheese and enjoy the pleasure of ice cream, yogurt, and sour cream.

From Henry’s Farmers Market: Thanks for stopping by our Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel Henry’s! The Loaf Love Tour is always a hit with our team and our customers!

From Matthew V.: Cheese comforts like sunshine after the rain…

From Ahren B.: So Tillamook Cheese was on sale at our local QFC for $3.99 …so we we ended up buying $28 worth of cheese! 😛 I’m really happy how long it lasts! We shall grate a couple loafs up and freeze them and slowly work our way through the others… 😛


From @PubChick: @TillamookCheese I love you. I really do. You make the best grilled cheese esp when mixed with Dubliner Cheddar. 🙂 #stpatsday

From @jawamo727: @TillamookCheese I love you. So do my taste buds and my tummy.

From @jasievangesen: loves Tillamook ice cream ohsoverymuch!

From @scalsch: These new Tillamook yogurts are scrumptious.

From @olegooch: Tillamook Mudslide Ice cream! Destress!!!

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