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The Loaf Love Tour kicked off National Grilled Cheese Month with The Grilled Cheese Truck today!

Today begins the greatest month of the year – National Grilled Cheese Month! We’ve been planning lots of cheesy goodness to celebrate, like a kick-off event with the Grilled Cheese Truck in L.A. and a contest to win a trip to the Grilled Cheese Invitational!

Here’s a recap of some of my favorite fan comments from this week. As always, thanks to everyone for the great conversations… now go home and make a grilled cheese!



– From Gillian G.H.: I just wanted to say there is no substitute for Tillamook Cheddar Cheese. We were completely out of chese so I grabbed a generic brand from Target. It was disgusting! Tillamook you have us spoiled and my family loves you!

– From Presley’s Pantry (this recipe looks amazing!): Capirotada (Mexican bread pudding) is a tradition worth repeating! I make mine with the best cheese in the world… Tillamook!

– From Samuel S.: Just wanted to tell you that you are the VERY best cheese I have ever had. I moved from the west coast to Minnesota 3 years ago. Over here you can get 1/4 pound of Tillamook for around $7. 🙁 Thankfully I have a mother that loves me and ships me a couple 2 pound blocks of cheddar when I run out. Cant wait till I visit with the wife and take her on the factory tour!! Keep up the awesome work!!

– From Michelle W.: I love Tillamook Cheese. I was born there and, believe it or not, my first word was COW! GO FIGURE!

– From Dani S.: Dear Tillamook, we never had you growing up in Philadelphia, but now that I’m out in California, I absolutely adore you. You’re the only cheese in my fridge!!


– From @danport: Big BIG thanks to @tillamookcheese @grlldcheesetruk and @bevhillsporsche for lunch today. Great cheese and super friendly people.

– From @Lorie_Acosta: @TillamookCheese : Hey Cheesy! I seen a commercial with you! Those Nachos were divine looking ! Made me hungry.

– From @estarLA: Oops, dropped some free cheese by @TillamookCheese. Guess my mouse shoe will have to eat it. @BevHillsPorsche

– From @clickmecoupons: @TillamookCheese Thanks for the great coupon on Monterey Jack! Love you cheese, well okay all your products! Thanks again!!

– From @grlldchztrukguy: Happy happy national grilled cheese month y’all!! Lots of fun happening this month ESPECIALLY the 2011 GCI! @grilldcheez @TillamookCheese

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