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“Thanks for making the best ice cream ever!” – Facebook fan Andria T.

When you’re cooking up dinner this weekend, don’t forget that it’s National Grilled Cheese Month!

Talk to you next week!



From Wade R.: Checking in from Louisiana. I am a transplant from WA who grew up on the loaf. Just letting everyone who currently cannot get Tillamook know, hang in there because yesterday it showed up in my local grocer and I outwardly cried tears of joy! My wife was concerned, I tried to explain but to no avail. We got out to the truck, I found the loaf, pulled out my pocket knife and we ate. We ate and I cried some more!

From Christy K.M.: Gillette Wyoming Albertsons now has your ice cream. My friend went 3 times last week on truck days and all 3 days it was sold out with in hours of stocking the shelf. My other friend’s family is hoarding it all and buying cart loads. Thank you for finally bringing it to us, well done!

From Lori M.: Tillamook Cheese… Food of the Gods! Never met a more perfect food in my life!!! Tillamook Cheese… You are true Nirvana!!!

From Susan C.: I did my grocery shopping last night and my local store was sold out of Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese. Rather than try something else I just opted to go without cheese for a while. Hopefully it won’t be too long. I need my Tillamook Cheese!

From Amber W.: Just thought I’d let you know of a lil test I did to prove to my husband that no cheese can beat Tillamook! We have a 1-year-old and recently bought a cheap pack of medium cheddar cheese… and when I gave a slice to my daughter, she gagged, spit it out, and gave what was left in her hand to the dogs. Just went to the store and bought a big ol’ block of Tillamook and our daughter gobbled it down like it was her first meal in weeks!! So, even new taste buds know the difference between yucky immatation cheddar and the BEST. Tillamook rocks!!!


From @stretchmarkmama: I grilled a @TillamookCheese sandwich on some @KillerBreadMan wheat and can you see my Oregon flag gently blowing in the breeze?

From @moteviolence: I may have just eaten the best cheeseburger ever!! Thank you, @Burgerville and @TillamookCheese!

From @cunningpike: Tillamook is the genuine, eye-watering, tongue-burning thing. A slice of cheese heaven

From @molliewollie: @TillamookCheese is now following me! All my dreams are coming true!

From @xxkrustee: Is it Saturday yet? I really can’t wait to visit @TillamookCheese and eat a grilled cheese sammich in the cafe. I LIVE FOR GRILLED CHEESE.

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