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Fan Heidi G. posted this adorable photo of her “Baby Loaf” on Facebook

How was your Mother’s Day weekend? Do anything fun? This Baby Loaf spent the day with my Mama Loaf. I made her breakfast in bed and then we went for a walk on the beautiful Oregon Coast. It was a perfect day!

Anyhoo, here’s a little snapshot of some of my favoriteĀ  conversations with fans this week. As always, thanks for a great week!

Lots of Loaf Love,


From Sharon F.: My fridge is never without Tillamook. I will go without if I don’t have a Tillamook option šŸ™‚ My kids are following my lead now as they set out on their own!

From Renee K.: So I was at my local grocery store yesterday and what do my wondering eyes see? TILLAMOOK CHEESE! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Missouri is now a little more bearable with the taste of Oregon!

From Gretel B.: I love the ice cream too! but a loaf of cheddar is a staple.

From Emett S.:Ā  Far as I can tell, Tillamook Butter is the best in the world too. Smoothest melting and best to cook with and of course better tasting than the rest.

From Shane T.: Eating your cheese right now! It has lifted my morning from the drabby existence of butterless toast to a tasty experience comparable to Willy Wonka’s magical land.


From @rozay_23: So I’m eatin a big bowl of Tillamook Banana Split flavored ice cream, w/Cool Whip, & sprinkles! #Winning

From @mel_leilani: Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream. I am a fan. #nummy

From @EvelynSeven7: I said “mom I’m not gonna eat a sandwich till you buy my Tillamook Cheese!” & today I find some Tilliamook Cheese in my fridge (:

From @beana619: My kids would LIVE on cheese if I let them. String or Tillamook Sharp Cheddar. Those are the only passing cheeses.

From @wendywoowho: Drink fabulous wines. Drink incredible beers. Get up in the Gorge if you can. Eat Tillamook anything. #PDX

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