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“Homecoming dinner, enchiladas made with Tillamook, after a year in Afghanistan!” – Facebook fan Laurie D.

Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks as always for the fun conversations this week. Have a delicious, cheese-filled weekend!

Yours in Loaf Love,


From Laurie D.: Tillamook is the ONLY cheese we cook with or eat! My son just returned from Afghanistan and all he wanted was his Grandma’s enchiladas made with Tillamook! We shipped a loaf over to Nashville before he got there just so he could have them! (see above photo)

From Tobyus S.: Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream? That sounds too good to be possible.

From Samantha B.: Just fell in love with Baked Apple Pie Yogurt. Where have you been all my life, and do you come in ice cream too?

From Bill P.: Hey… My friends and I ran in to the tour in front of Fry’s in Scottsdale after Diamondback Spring Training opening day. Molly and Jenwere awesome (hello from Bill, Keith and Cindy)!!! We love Tillamook as we use a block a week. Gotta love the loaf-mobile. What a great way to promote and spread the word.

From Jordan W.: Had a great time at the Cheese factory last weekend. We had to go 2 days in a row to sample more cheese squares and ice cream. YUM!!!


From @elson_cheng: @TillamookCheese ‘s Udderly Chocolate Ice Cream is DA BOMB.

From @kristinaking: @TillamookCheese! It is the best. (as an Oregonian I am required to say that, but it doesn’t make it less true.)

From @Deblavdas: Any1 hittin the Loaf Love Tour with @TillamookCheese? Free entryto Aquarium of Pacific March 5th. Cheesy, yet worthy. hmm

From @Martha_Koenig: Hello @TillamookCheese, you old friend. I didn’t know you’d be on the flight to Munich.

From @TheJakeWeight: saw the @TillamookCheese crew today in #PHX. Best use of Mobile Marketing I’ve seen in a long time:



I have been a Tillamook ice cream fan for years. Your ice cream is the best! I'm a housewife (ugh) and have been hoarding canned and dry foods for 2 years. What was being called a "recession", I knew to be a depression. All dairy products prices have been moving up for 2 years. Today, I saw your ice cream had jumped up in price (AGAIN) just from one week to the next! Now selling for $3.96/gal, at a "box store". I have to refer to it as a luxury and buy a competing ice cream product. The next time I need cheese, I'll be looking with discerning eyes. I'm still mad about the monopoly of yogert companies and how they moved from 8 oz. containers to 6 oz. This was a country of "choices". Now, smart consumers have just one choice.....make your own. God bless my grandmother and mother for teaching me how to stretch a dollar! The younger generation will pay your prices but, the Baby Boomers are a larger group and we WON'T. Many of the youngers will go hungry. How can you possibly raise prices in this economy?? Your sales will go down. This will hurt your company in the long run and the folks who work for you. I know you won't post this comment. I only hope someone reads it and pays attention. Safeway is just blocks from my house and I won't shop there for the same reason....items are way overpriced!

March 4th, 2011 at 6:16 pm


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We value your feedback and take all fan comments into consideration. We also appreciate that you have remained a loyal Tillamook fan, despite tough times. The farm families that own Tillamook have certainly felt the effects of these difficult economic times, too; the cost of milk has increased, therefore necessitating an adjustment of the prices of our dairy products.
Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us. We sincerely appreciate your honesty and feedback.

-Tara of the Tillamook Team

March 12th, 2011 at 7:14 am
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