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Here are the top 5 Miss Muffet approved cheese curd recipes!

Bacon and Cheese Curd Grilled Cheese
This tasty find from Food & Wine is right up our alley!  Grilled cheese with bacon, sharp cheddar, and cheese curds!

Photo courtesy of © Fredrika Stjärne

Grilled Cheese Curd Panzanella
Tuscan bread salad, I would like to introduce you to Tillamook Cheese Curds! A match made in cheese heaven! Buon appetite!

Photo courtesy of Nick Kindelsperger

Fried Cheese Curds
We put our squeeky spin on this recipe from Simple Comfort Food. Fried + Cheese = delicious!

There seems to be a little confusion as to where poutine was first invented. Regardless, whoever came up with this gravy smothered mound of deliciousness is a culinary genius in my eyes!

Cheese Curd Quesadilla
Quick, delicious, and squeeky!  A great combination!

Photo courtesy of


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