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Smoothies that look like vegetables but taste like fruit—genius! Some call them monster smoothies, Hulk’s drink, or simply green smoothies! Whatever you call them, green smoothies are all the rage these days; they’re unique, simple, and provide all the nutrients you could ask for! Try these top 5 green smoothie recipes to add a little life to your diet!


Green Smoothie
Look no further for the perfect power smoothie with all the health benefits of coconut oil. By using Tillamook Plain and Simple Farmstyle Greek Yogurt, you’ll take in 25 grams of protein too! Simply Recipes suggests we add some banana, pineapple, and fresh spinach to create this tropical masterpiece!


Tired of all-fruit smoothies? Try this refreshing and nourishing green smoothie from The Perfect Pantry. I like to save time by using Tillamook Honey Peach Farmstyle Greek Yogurt instead of plain Greek yogurt plus a couple teaspoons of honey. The touch of peach adds a little sweet and a whole lot of yum!


Green Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie
Peanut butter plus banana equals one tasty combination! This recipe by Warm Vanilla Sugar is an easy one because the ingredients are usually already on hand! All you need is a banana, a little milk, spinach leaves, Tillamook Old Fashioned Vanilla Farmstyle Green Yogurt, peanut butter, cinnamon, and a little love! Blend the fixings together and the outcome is a scrumptious meal!


Cucumber Mint Smoothie
If you love mint leaves as much as I do then this one is for you! This smoothie is the perfect afternoon snack to keep you going! It’s packed with cucumber, kiwi, mint, apple, green tea, plus Tillamook Plain and Simple Farmstyle Greek Yogurt. I recommend this recipe if you want a break from super sweet smoothies.


Tropical Green Smoothie
Lauren’s “vacation in a glass” is the perfect smoothie to wash away the winter blues! This recipe calls for Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Farmstyle Greek Yogurt, a banana, peaches, coconut milk, and some fresh spinach! Add an umbrella and see where it takes you!

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