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It’s been a fun and busy month in the Tillamook online world! This past month we were busy grilling some familiar faces and Fans on top of grilled cheese sandwiches. And on Tuesday we launched a Facebook app that lets you all create your own Cheese’wiches. Have you given it a try? What do ya think? Share your Cheese’wich creations with us on our Facebook Wall.

The Loaf Love Tour is cruisin’ around Salt Lake City celebrating Tillamook Sandwich Week. You can keep track of their stops by following #LoafLove on Twitter. And to celebrate back-to-school, don’t miss our newest contest — What’s In Your Lunchbox? Win Tilla-Moos by sharing your favorite lunchbox tips and tricks.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite Fan comments from August.

Have a great September!

- Loafy


From Nancy: ONLY TILLAMOOK makes my dog’s medicine go down! Thanks Tillamook!

From Rachel: I used to think I didn’t really like cheese. Turns out it was because I grew up on lower quality, “cheap” cheese. As an adult I discovered Tillamook and I LOVE it!

From Tiffany: My daughter sneaks your cheese! So cute! Thanks for making a product I feel confident with my daughter sneaking!

From Christina: Tillamook is my favorite!!! All I think about is Tillamook even when I see it and eat it, it makes me slobber :D Gross and very delicious =]

From Craig: My dog Rufus LOVES Tillamook Wild Mountain Blackberry Ice Cream!


From author and cheese expert Laura Werlin: Thx 4 the #cheesewich love. Nothing better than being on the cover of a grilled chz sand!

From @mirywhitehill: I’m in a love cube with @tillamookcheese. Just me and cube of cheddar.

From @thehollyjones: Coworker just walked in on me licking spilled @tillamookcheese yogurt off my shirt. #notatallembarassed

From @robcalibur: @TillamookCheese I’ll be seeing u in Roy, UT. The wife says you can stay in the basement if you bring some Special Reserve.

From @cybervenus: @TillamookCheese back in 1996 when I moved from my roots in Oregon to Atlanta, I used to have my mom send Fresh Oregon Salmon and Baby Loaves of your magnificent cheese. Thanks for a lifetime of keeping me cheesy!

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