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TCCA employees and their families get ready to walk along the parade route

“From Wagon Wheels to Ferris Wheels” and even cheese on wheels! That was the fun that could be had on August 4 at the Umatilla County Fair Parade in Hermiston, Ore.

In Eastern Oregon, where our second cheesemaking plant is located, many of our local employees like to get involved in community activities. The Umatilla County Fair Parade is one event where they can let their creativity shine while having loads of fun. To prepare for the parade, a group of employees volunteered their time and decorated a float showcasing a miniature version of our cheesemaking plant pumping out Tillamook cheeses and being loaded onto a pallet ready to be shipped to Tillamook fans near and wide. A walking brigade of employees and their families handed out cheese along the parade route to the cheers of “I love Tillamook Cheese,” “Tillamook Cheese is awesome,” and, of course, “Give me cheese, give me cheese, give me cheese!” And the perfect way to transport the cheese along the parade route… why, a Tillamook cheese truck, of course, just miniaturized!

It may have been hot, hot, hot, but the group had fun, fun, fun at the evening parade. The Tillamook float and walking brigade was certainly one of the crowd’s favorites.

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