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Josie works at HEB in Houston, Texas and was sampling some guacamole when she saw the Brand Ambassadors start setting up their sampling kiosk nearby. Once she saw the Brand Ambassadors t-shirts, Josie immediately recognized it was the sampling team from the Loaf Love Tour and got very excited! She talked with the Brand Ambassadors and said Tillamook is her absolute favorite kind of cheese and that her son, Jonathan, loved it, too.


She told the Brand Ambassadors, “I wish you had the car from the commercials [here at the store]!” Soon as she looked outside and saw the Yum bus parked near the store entrance, her eyes lit up and said Jonathan had to visit the Loaf Love Tour!

Jonathan has Asperger’s Syndrome and is really good with cars, so Josie was excited to bring him to the store to see the Yum bus. She convinced the family watching Jonathan to come to HEB so he could check out the Yum and taste some delicious Tillamook cheese.

Josie and Jonathan had a great time sampling cheese and checking out the Yum bus. Later, as people were reaching to sample some guacamole nearby, Josie told them they need to try some of the best cheese in the world, putting a smile on the Brand Ambassadors faces.

Last year, Willis, a native San Franciscan and food blogger, found the Loaf Love Tour through Twitter last year when he saw a tweet about Tour and the Yum bus being in his area. His love of cars and Tillamook cheese made this an event he can’t miss.


Willis met the Brand Ambassadors, ate some award-winning cheese, took his picture with the bus, and stocked up on enough coupons to satisfy his hunger for Tillamook. Willis follows the Brand Ambassadors and Tillamook Cheese on Twitter and comes to visit whenever Loaf Love Tour is in San Francisco.

This year, Willis came to visit the Tillamook Yogurt Tour and the Loaf Love Tour! He met more friendly Brand Ambassadors and shared with them the beauty of national food holidays he likes to write about.

Willis uses Twitter to make every day special by tweeting about each day’s national food holiday and he loves to incorporate Tillamook Cheese whenever he can. The day he came to visit the Loaf Love Tour was National Pancake Day and he gave us the idea for cheesy pancakes, which, by the way, are delicious!

Willis has always loved cheese but he fell in loaf with Tillamook after his first visit to the Loaf Love Tour last year. Willis’s favorite cheesy quote is from the beloved Claymation series Wallace and Gromit when Wallace says “Gromit that’s it…CHEESE!” He loves to quote it whenever he comes across our cheese in the grocery store. So if you’re ever in the San Francisco area and hear those words you’ll know you’re near Willis and that he’s found some delicious Tillamook Cheese. But for now Willis is patiently waiting for the next time we roll through San Fran with our cheese, and of course our fleet of Yum buses.  Maybe he will make it up to Oregon to tour the Cheese Factory in the meantime!

If you’d like to know more about Willis and national food holidays you can find him on Twitter @pest15.

We can’t wait to see what Super Fans we meet in Dallas and Los Angeles!

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