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What a view!

Well it’s that time of the year when the Loaf Love Tour comes to the beautiful state of California. This is our last state on the tour, and our first time being in the Pacific time zone. After being in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Utah the last six months, I must admit that it feels good to be this close to Oregon. It was an interesting road trip to get here: I bought $20 worth of snacks (I devoured them all, of course) and all the lanes on the freeway were closed because of construction, which led to hours of sitting in traffic and we arrived to 100+ degree temperatures in Sacramento. Other than that, the trip was uneventful.

Our three month trip through California will bring us to several different cities, including Sacramento, San Francisco, L.A., Orange County, and San Diego. I’m looking forward to San Francisco the most, not just because it’ll be a break in the 100+ heat the Loaf Love Tour has been experience for months now, but mostly because we’ll get a chance to breathe in the salty air of the Pacific Ocean again. It’s not quite the salty cow smell of Tillamook, but it’ll do. I can picture it now: driving the Loafster across the Golden Gate Bridge, my hair blowing in the wind while music plays on the radio (okay, you probably know our Yums don’t have radios, but maybe I can convince another Brand Ambassador to sing for me?). Perfection.

Mountain and Central time zones have been great. I hope you’re ready for us California. Check out where we’ll be on the tour schedule.

As always, stay cheesy!
Dandy Andy

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