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PHOTO: Flickr, filipe_dilly

It’s been a snowy March here in Oregon. And this freezing weather reminds me of a question we often get from fans: can I freeze my Tillamook Cheese?

Well, folks, I have good news: the answer is YES! Freezing Tillamook Cheese will prolong its life! This loaf  was frozen in Antarctica for 15 years! So, if you stocked up last time you were at the store and don’t want to leave it to age in your refrigerator, here are some tips to keep your Tillamook tasty in the freezer:

Make sure you wrap the cheese in moisture-proof materials like plastic wrap or resealable bags. The original packaging is ideal but not necessary. This helps maintain optimum flavor and texture.

When you’re ready, thaw the cheese in the refrigerator with the wrapper on to prevent loss of moisture and flavor. Then eat it as soon as possible, being careful (as usual) not to touch the cheese with your hands.

Thawed cheese will shred easily, but it can be difficult to slice. So, if you plan on slicing it, it’s best to do so before putting it in the freezer.

I do want to mention that freezing cheese will most likely change its texture, making it drier and crumblier; but if done correctly, it should be just as yummy tasting when it comes out of the ice box as the day it went in!


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