Whether you're looking for naturally-aged cheese that melts to perfection or really creamy ice cream for tasty treats, we've got you covered.

Available Products

  • Cheese
    • Medium Cheddar

      Tillamook Medium Cheddar is so rich and creamy, we think it's the world's most perfect food. Each batch, made from the same recipe we've used for over a hundred years, is naturally aged for at least 60 days to perfect its flavor and consistency. It elevates every dish! No wonder it won World's Best Medium Cheddar.

    • Kosher Medium Cheddar

      Our vegetarian-friendly Tillamook Kosher Medium Cheddar is just as creamy and flavorful as our regular Medium Cheddar, but officially made under rabbinical guidance.

    • Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar

      Part-skim milk is the secret of our Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar, which has one-third less fat than our regular Medium Cheddar. Another tasty option for lighter menu items.

    • Smoked Medium Cheddar

      Tillamook Medium Cheddar is aged 60 days before it reaches our natural hardwood smoker and gets wrapped in smoky deliciousness. The result is a mouth-watering cheddar that’s perfect for appetizers, burgers, and dishes that dare to make a statement.

    • Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar (Aged over 15 months)

      Every bit of Tillamook Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar is naturally aged for more than 15 months. That's five seasons of waiting, while it develops its strong, complex flavor. We recommend it for gourmet side dishes, as the main feature on a cheese board, and as a must-have ingredient in sauces.

    • Medium White Cheddar (Aged over 100 days)

      Tillamook Vintage White Medium Cheddar is aged over 100 days, giving it fuller flavor and our award-winning smooth, creamy texture. It brings out the best in fruit, wine, and any of your dishes that currently use mild cheddar.

    • Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 9 months)

      At last! A White Cheddar that is aged for nine whole months, giving it a full, sharp flavor, with just a slight bite. Pair it with crackers, meats, smoked fish, nuts, and wine. You'll be asking yourself how your menu ever went nine months of life waiting for it.

    • Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 2 years)

      Patience is the last ingredient in Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar. Voted ‘America’s Best’ at the 2013 United States Championship Cheese Contest®, each batch takes over two years to age into a creamy, slightly crumbly texture that blossoms with flavor in your mouth. There isn’t a food in the world that doesn’t go well with this cheese – macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, salad, or keep it simple with fruit and wine.

    • Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar (Aged over 3 years)

      You know what they say – age doesn’t matter, unless you’re talking about cheese. Our Vintage White Extra Sharp is aged over 3 years, giving it that distinguished, refined, beautifully bold taste. No wonder it won 1st place at the 2013 American Cheese Society awards. It’s naturally aged longer than any other Tillamook Cheese, making it our oldest and wisest cheddar. Perfect for palates that love the complex taste of aged cheddar.

    • Garlic White Cheddar

      Tillamook Garlic White Cheddar blends roasted garlic perfectly with rich aged white cheddar for a taste that’s smooth, creamy and definitely not for the faint-of-palate. A tremendous addition to burgers, house made soups, or even quesadillas, this will take all the work out of getting that perfect garlic flavor.

    • Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar

      The rich taste of roasted garlic with just a pinch of red chili peppers make this gourmet flavored cheddar a real conversation cheese. That is, if you don’t mind talking with your mouth full. Put it on a roast beef sandwich or on top of your tacos to take advantage of the sweet and spicy cheddar.

    • Hot Habanero Jack

      Tillamook Hot Habanero Jack turns up the heat with both habanero and jalapeño peppers, adding a double kick to our mellow and savory Monterey Jack. Fire up a burger or quesadilla for your guests without having to glove up!

    • Pepper Jack

      Our Pepper Jack is the union of mellow Monterey Jack with spicy jalapeños. As the hallmark of Southwestern recipes, it’s the creamy cheese with attitude that livens up everything it touches… including a toothpick. If you’re making a queso, don’t forget the pepper jack – with it’s perfectly creamy consistency, it can’t be beat!

    • Smoked Black Pepper White Chedddar

      Tillamook Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar has a hickory smoked, peppery bite that doesn’t upstage the aged cheddar’s creamy richness. It’s a hit at parties, as a snack or paired with bacon.

    • Colby

      Tillamook Colby has a higher moisture content than cheddar, which gives it a mellow, buttery flavor and a softer texture. It’s the perfect, laid-back table cheese, great for snacks and salads.

    • Colby Jack

      These two Tillamook Cheeses were made for each other. Together, they give our Colby Jack a smooth, mellow flavor, a colorful medley of yellow and white, and an award-winning taste. Tillamook Colby Jack was voted ‘America’s Best’ at the United States Championship Cheese Contest® twice in a row, making it perfect for dressing up any party plate, shredding into enchiladas, sprinkling on tacos, or adding that ooey-gooey goodness to a grilled cheese.

    • Monterey Jack

      Our Monterey Jack has a fresh, mild flavor and a new name – “America’s Best.” Expert judges at the 2011 United States Championship Cheese Contest agree that this versatile, “meltable” cheese is truly best in its class. Perfect for chili rellenos, enchiladas, or on top of a delicious snack.

    • Reduced Fat Monterey Jack

      Tillamook Reduced Fat Monterey Jack is made with part-skim milk, making it one-third lower in fat than our regular Monterey Jack Cheese, while retaining full deliciousness on your lighter menu items.

    • Muenster

      Tillamook Muenster slices are dying to meet your next sandwich or snack. Their creamy, easy-to-melt goodness trimmed in orange, go mouth-wateringly well with every food you can think of, and then some.

    • Mozzarella

      Tillamook Mozzarella has such a mild, creamy flavor, there isn’t a dish it doesn’t complement. Sprinkle it over homemade pizza, layer it into Italian dishes or eat it right out of the bag – it’s your cheesy choice!

    • Swiss

      The holes in Tillamook Swiss form as the cheese is aging and developing its slightly sweet, slightly nutty taste. It’s aged at least 60 days, but you’re lucky if it lasts one.

    • Mexican 2 Cheese Blend

      A mellower blend of Tillamook Medium Cheddar and Monterey Jack that makes cooking Mexican-style easy and muy delicioso.

  • Ice Cream
    • Fireside S'mores

      Now here's something they didn't teach us in scouts. Toasty marshmallow cream and graham cracker bits are actually inside this rich chocolate ice cream. Tastes just like those campfire s'mores you a little help from the freezer.

    • White Chocolate Raspberry Yum

      Imagine a swirl of ripe Northwest raspberries suspended in a rich, creamy white-chocolaty world. No, you're not having an ice cream dream. This is ice cream reality, Tillamook style.

    • Banana Split

      Somehow, we crammed an entire banana split—cool vanilla and strawberry ice cream blended with bananas, fudge, walnuts and cherries—into one, delicious flavor. Less work for you, but all the flavor for customers…success.

    • Caramel Butter Pecan

      We adorned buttery caramel ice cream with flavorful pecans and a velvety caramel ripple. You may have to serve some seconds.

    • Caramel Toffee Crunch

      How much is too much? We wondered that ourselves as we swirled in bits of cookie, toffee pieces, pecans and almonds, chocolate and coconut into a rich bed of vanilla ice cream. But one taste and we knew: It’s perfect!

    • Chocolate

      Our classic chocolate ice cream is so simple and pure, it’s certified 100% chocolatey. Add your berry reduction and you’ve got a 5 star dessert.

    • Chocolate Peanut Butter

      Chocolate and peanut butter prefer that you think of them not as two flavors combined, but as one flavor. Chocolatepeanutbutter, together forever. Thick and creamy ribbons of peanut butter, hand-in-hand with chocolate ice cream.

    • Chocolaty Chip Cookie Dough

      The best of so many worlds: our cookie dough flavored ice cream mixes with chocolate chips and bites of cookie dough. Just like mom never had the chance to make.

    • Coffee Almond Fudge

      Directions: Take real coffee ice cream, stir in butter-roasted almonds and a chocolate fudge ripple. We did the work so your guests can just enjoy. Repeat any time of day.

    • Cookies and Cream

      Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? All fingers point to Tillamook Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. Rich French vanilla ice cream flooded with chocolate sandwich cookie pieces…is that such a crime? Makes for a great “Cookie Jar Milkshake”!

    • Espresso Mocha

      We Tillamookized your favorite coffee drink by combining rich coffee ice cream with an order of real chocolate espresso chips. Hold the whip. Or not, it’s up to your guests.

    • French Vanilla

      Leave it to the French to take vanilla to the next level. Tillamook French Vanilla is so rich and creamy and custard-like, your guests may ask you if they can marry it. We recommend you oblige them (even though you know it’ll never last).

    • Grandma's Cake Batter

      Remember how naughty it felt to sneak a taste of cake batter when you were a kid? This is all that and more. Cake batter ice cream sprinkled with pieces of cake and frosting, and a cream cheese swirl mixed in for good measure. Serve in a lickable bowl.

    • Marionberry Pie

      The problem with pie is that it isn’t ice cream. And the problem with ice cream is, of course, that it isn’t pie. Until now. Rich vanilla ice cream with ripples of fresh Oregon Marionberry and flaky pieces of piecrust give us Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream.

    • Mint Chocolate Chip

      Imagine a fleet of cargo trucks, filled with chunks of chocolate fudge, careening toward a field of crisp, refreshing mint. Yeah, you can share that image with your guests too.

    • Mountain Huckleberry

      We eliminated the whole huckleberry-bear dilemma by cutting out the middleman (ie. you picking huckleberries). Vanilla ice cream is layered with strata after strata of tart mountain huckleberry sweetness.

    • Old-Fashioned Vanilla

      For those of you who prefer your vanilla free of newfangledness, we offer a simple classic that’s worthy of its name. All the rich and creamy flavor you remember from this tried and true favorite lends this to be the perfect base to build a dessert on.

    • Oregon Black Cherry

      Life is a bowl of cherries, especially when you add a scoop of Tillamook Ice Cream. Real Oregon-grown black cherry halves join black cherry flavored ice cream. A taste straight from the bountiful Northwest without having to go to the farmer’s market.

    • Oregon Strawberry

      Ever notice how strawberries are such showoffs? That’s why we gave them the spotlight in this Tillamook favorite. We carefully select the best Oregon Strawberries and blend them in a sweet, tart strawberry ice cream…your guests don’t have to know we did the grunt work.

    • Rocky Road

      Imagine a chocolate ice cream highway, full of mini marshmallows and almonds, happily zipping along to their ultimate destination: your guests’ mouths. That’s the Tillamook Rocky Road experience – share it.

    • Tillamook Mudslide

      This is what happens when rich chocolate ice cream meets chocolate fudge pieces and a thick, creamy fudge ripple. Could Tillamook Mudslide be any more chocolatey? Actually, no. We tried, but this really is the limit.

    • Udderly Chocolate

      White chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream both take center stage in Tillamook Udderly Chocolate Ice Cream. With a show-stopping flurry of chocolate flakes, it’s a performance your guests won’t want to miss.

    • Vanilla Bean

      We took America’s favorite ice cream flavor and filled it with loads of real crushed vanilla beans. It’s the vanilla ice cream that can stand on its own, proud and unencumbered by neither pie nor cake.

    • Vanilla Chocolate Chip

      Our new take on an old classic. Creamy vanilla bean ice cream loaded with bits of premium chocolate chips. It’s a spoon-operated time machine to a delicious past.

    • Wild Mountain Blackberry

      This ice cream is inspired by the road less taken. The blackberry flavored ice cream road that is, filled with real wild mountain blackberries. You know that one, right?

  • Butter
    • Sweet Cream Salted

      Simple, pure, and delicious. The true test of quality butter is to try it solo on a fresh slice of bread. With the rich, savory taste of Tillamook Salted Butter, make sure you have a few extra loaves.

    • Sweet Cream Unsalted

      Made with the highest quality milk, Tillamook Unsalted Butter is the creamy staple that brings out the best in your favorite recipes. You control the flavor while Tillamook Butter does all the work.