Spicy Bacon Ranch Burger

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“Growing up in Texas, I have always loved a little spice in my life at the dinner table. With the Spicy Bacon Ranch Burger, I am able to give my family the savory goodness of a delicious homemade burger while still packing the perfect amount of spice for everyone in the family.” - Kristi Reddell of Moms Confession

Let's Make This!

  • 1 lb hamburger meat
  • 3 slices Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 pack ranch dip mix
  • 2 tablespoons Slap Ya Mama Seasoning (Cajun seasoning works too)
  • 2 tablespoons worscheshire sauce
  • ¼ cup real bacon bit pieces
  • Step 1

    Mix hamburger meat in a large bowl with ranch dip, Slap Ya Mama Seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, and bacon bits using your hands.

  • Step 2

    Once thoroughly combined, form three patties and place on an indoor or outdoor grill. Keep an eye on your burgers and once they begin to brown on the bottom, give them a flip and place your Tillamook Sliced Cheese on top. Even though burgers cook pretty fast, cover your grill with the lid if you can — that way the cheese will melt to delicious cheeseburger perfection.

  • Step 3

    Once your burgers are cooked to your liking, slide them on a bun, add your favorite toppings, and enjoy!

Recipe By

Kristi Reddell

Kristi Reddell is the blogger behind Moms Confession, a Houston, TX mom blog dedicated to sharing family recipes, easy household tips, and tutorials for all moms.

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