Welcome to the boldest cheddar party ever. Explore the music video to see cool cheddar-inspired merch and find out how Tillamook Cheddar makes any dish a party.
Do right by your spread and level up with Tillamook Cheddar. Dig into our limited edition 40-pound Mother Loaf, exclusive merch and cheesy recipes—because there ain’t no party like a Tillamook party.

Stock Up On Bold


Our bolder, meltier, tastier cheddar flavor elevates every dish to party-level tasty.
  • Sharp Cheddar Thick Cut Shreds
  • Sharp Cheddar Thick Cut Slices
  • Sharp Cheddar Block
  • Maker’s Reserve 2012
  • Sharp White Cheddar Snack Portions
  • Double Cheddar Blend Fine Cut Shreds

Shop Limited Edition


Check out our exclusive cheddar party products and merch—including the coveted 40-pound Mother Loaf—in this year’s limited collection. Bring the party (ahem, cheddar) and show off your cheddar obsession. Start shopping on February 1st.

Prep Your

Cheddar Spread

Crowd-pleasing recipes that will
have everyone rushing the table.
Loaded Nachos with Sharp Cheddar Thick Cut Shreds Whether you like to scoop, dip or stack, one ingredient holds this crowdfavorite dish together—extra gooey Tillamook Thick Cut Shreds.
Cheeseburgers with Sharp Cheddar Thick Cut Slices A classic Game Day recipe elevated with Tillamook Thick Cut Slices for a bold bite that’s worth cheering over.
Cheese Board with sharp cheddar block We did the pairing, you do the shopping. Build your own delicious cheese board that hits every flavor profile. (Hint: the cheddar comes first).

We invented National Cheddar Day to celebrate our birthday, but more importantly, to spread the word about better cheddar. So let’s get this Cheddarbration started—with real cheese made right.