The Tillamook Co-Op is a community of dairy lovers everywhere who believe in the power of real, honest food. It’s a place for you to join us as partners in shaping our business, and make a positive impact in the dairy industry and beyond. Through a potluck of experiences, events, content and offers, The Tillamook Co-Op is a gateway for us to connect, and help each other support real food everywhere.

This is a first-of-its-kind community in the industry, so our community will be perpetually evolving. We’re going to continue updating the experiences and content based on your feedback, so keep checking back and make your voice heard on what you’d like to see.

This is your Co-Op.


Since 1909, our farmer-families have run the Tillamook business as a cooperative, not a corporation. The spirit of working together for the greater good is in our DNA, and it’s why we’ve formed The Tillamook Co-Op for our consumers. We believe that you deserve a voice when it comes to your food. Our community is about harnessing your passion, opinions and ideas into actions that can help us become a better company, and bring real, honest food to more people.

The more members we have, the more change we can create. Help us spread the word to other dairy lovers by sharing the Co-Op on Facebook or Twitter.

Is The Tillamook Co-Op the same as the Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA)?

The Tillamook Co-Op is a ‘consumer co-op’ meaning it’s comprised of consumers. It’s not meant to be an extension of the TCCA, nor a business enterprise. It’s more like a social network. We chose to adopt the phrase Co-Op because it reflects our heritage as a company—and because there isn’t a more apt way to explain the collective and mutual beneficial experience we hope will define the experience. That said, we’re all consumers of Tillamook products and we should all join!