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Being a brand ambassador on The Loaf Love Tour is kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich… it sounds amazing, but getting the cheese to melt perfectly without burning the bread is not an easy task. With a forever-changing call time, chaotic traffic, and unpredictable weather the team always has to be prepared for changes! Fun, hectic, animated, amusing, are just a few words that come to mind when describing what it’s like behind the scenes, but they still don’t suffice. Check out all these photos from behind the scenes.

We like to keep our YUM buses nice and shiny! Being cheesy at the car wash


Car wash is all done, so we decided to take a photo. Aren’t they shiny?!

Cubing these tasty loafs for our event days, we call this a Cubing Party!

We always have fun at work, but even when we’re off the clock we stick together and stay cheesy!


 Post by Elida

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