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Well another summer season is behind us! No more hustle and bustle and traffic everywhere! With the summer crowds gone, October is a great time for a field trip to The Cheese Factory!

Take your time on the self-guided tour and soak in all the Tillamook cheese making history you can. No one is waiting, so dig into those interactive kiosks and really learn how we make Tillamook Ice Cream – you can even play the Super Scooper game over and over and over and over and. . . . . .

The weather is still sunny, even though it may be a bit cool on the beach. It’s a great time for a Tilla-picnic!  Choose several varieties of cheese, and add some crackers, mustards, salmon, jerky, fudge, and other goodies for an outing at the beach. And remember you can stay warm at the seashore by snuggling up in a Tillamook Baby Loaf Beach Towel or soft and fuzzy Tillamook Cheese sweatshirt.

If the showers do start (and you know they will!) come in, out of the rain, to relax over a leisurely breakfast or lunch at the Creamery Café. Indulge in a cheese packed omelet, creamy cheesey mac n’ cheese or just a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. We’re cooking up a different special every day, so you never know what delicious sandwich will be on our menu. And for dessert? How about a thick slice of one of our new Tillamook Fudge flavors: Happy Cow Fudge is vanilla fudge swirled with caramel and loaded with chocolate peanut butter filled cows. Or maybe coconut’s your favorite? Try Coconut Caramel Cheesecake, a rich dark chocolate fudge layered with coconut cheesecake and topped with caramel.

No matter rain or shine, there is always something fun and delicious waiting for you at The Cheese Factory!

Won’t you come over for a visit?

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