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Impress your holiday guests with festive Tillamook Butter portions. This is an easy personal touch that you can prepare well in advance of your party. It’s best to work with super-chilled butter, so keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to start shaping it. I’ve tried it with frozen butter, but found it to crumble when cutting.

You’ll need Tillamook Butter, a large knife, small cookie cutters (or fondant cutters) and a bowl of warm water.

After warming the knife under running hot water, cut the butter into 1cm-thick slabs. Dip the cookie cutters into the bowl of hot water and press into the butter slabs. Gently press the shape out of the cookie cutter, using the blunt end of a chopstick if it doesn’t push out easily.

When you’re done, place the butter shapes on a plate, cover with plastic wrap to prevent the butter from taking on odors, and refrigerate until ready to serve. I like to use my butter scraps to make my piecrust. Keep your scraps in the fridge and save for another use.

If you don’t have small cookie cutters, you can try to cut your butter into simple triangles or even try a melon baller for DIY butter balls

What fun shapes will you butter your guests up with this season?

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