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It’s that time of year again! Go pick out the perfect pumpkin and get carving!!!

Loaf-o-Lantern Carving Instructions

Gut your pumpkin and remove the seeds.

Print the Loaf Love pumpkin stencil by clicking here. Use a copier or adjust printing size if the stencil is too large or too small for your pumpkin.

Tape the Loaf Love stencil to your pumpkin.

Transfer the Loaf Love design to the pumpkin by using a pushpin. “Trace” the letters into your pumpkin by making pinpoint marks about 1/8” apart along the edges of the letters. The dots should create an outline of the pattern.

Remove the pattern from the pumpkin.

Carve between the dots using a pumpkin carving tool.

Place your Loaf-o-Lantern on your doorstep with a light or candle inside.

Let your Loaf Love glow!

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