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You can find Tillamookies in select Costcos beginning Friday June 23th!

It’s summertime, and ice cream season is upon us! The days are hotter and longer- giving you more time to kick back and enjoy rich, cool Tillamook Ice Cream. To help you achieve your goals of creamy ice cream bliss Costco is bringing you a Tillamook treat that will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed: Mint Chocolate Chip Tillamookies. Crisp waffle cookies coated with a rich dark chocolate hug and a generous scoop of cool mint ice cream studded with chocolate fudge chips. Plus, you won’t find any green dye in our mint ice cream, because we’ve made a commit-mint to make products free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. Now that’s a sandwich.

For a limited-time, you can purchase our Mint Chocolate Chip Tillamookies in a convenient 12-pack from select Costcos in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. It’s all the deliciousness of our usual 4 pack, but three times as much fun. There’s plenty to share, but we understand if you want to keep these all to yourself.

This deal is as short and sweet as the summer- so head to one of the locations on the map below to snag a 12-pack anytime between now and September. Don’t see your local Costco on the list? Fill out our Product Request Template and let your local Costco warehouse manager know that you think Tillamook Mint Chocolate Chip Tillamookies are “mint” to be in their warehouse.  It may be punny, but opportunities like this are no joke.

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