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A Tillamook Guernsey.

Here in Tillamook County, we think all cows are special, but wait until you hear about these gals – the golden Guernsey. They got their nickname because of the color of their milk! Guernsey cows produce milk that is very high both in butterfat and protein. But what makes it uniquely golden in color is the concentration of beta carotene. This golden milk was very popular around the 1950s.

Guernsey cows are a little smaller than a Holstein. Their hides are typically tan with white spots. The Guernsey’s history is a little confusing since it can’t be verified who first took the cows to the Isle of Guernsey in 960 A.D., and since we’re talking well over a thousand years ago, it probably doesn’t matter too much to most folks. What we do know is that the first Guernsey cows began making their way to the U.S. in the late 1860s. Locally, there are two herds of Guernsey cows in Tillamook County.

Switching gears to the last edition of Cow of the Month…all I can say is wow! We have some creative fans out there. I was laughing while reading all of your captions. I liked them all, which made it difficult to choose just one caption. So I didn’t. Here are my three favorites:

“For the last time, no, my milk isn’t chocolate.”
– submitted by David P.

“Wait, I lost an earring! I’m not ready for my picture!”
– submitted by Tamara H.

“If you tell me to “say cheese!” one more time I’ll come over there and lick your camera lens!”
– submitted by Meri R.

Thanks for participating in our inaugural Cow Caption Challenge. I think we may need to make this a regular event!

~ Chandra of the Tillamook Team

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