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“Queenie” Jadean

Meet “Queenie” Jadean, a former show girl… er, show cow, actually… that, according to her farm family, has a serious case of princess syndrome. This 10-year-old girl is tall, even towering over her fellow Holsteins! But what makes Jadean, Queenie Jadean? She likes to get pampered. Show cows get handled a little more often than a regular cow. They’re trained to walk with a halter and handled often to get them used to being around crowds. They’re bathed and their hair is always trimmed so they look their best for a show. You could say they are a little spoiled. Jadean likes the special attention, in fact, she expects the special attention. She likes getting a bath, she likes getting her head scratched and she’ll give a big, sloppy kiss in return. Which isn’t as sweet as it sounds, those tongues are rough! Jadean earned her title of Queenie. In a herd prized for its genetics, Jadean has achieved a 4th generation excellent and is approaching some lifetime production milestones (her milk has produced 25,717 pounds of cheese so far!). In 2005, she won Grand Champion at the Oregon Black and White (Holstein) Show. All hail the queen!



Thanks for giving the milk for the best cheese ever!

March 22nd, 2011 at 6:43 pm
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