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Loafy at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo was a huge smash! The Loaf Love Tour arrived over an hour before opening and there was already a line of people wearing Tillamook orange waiting to get into the zoo! One lady even rode her Tillamook orange moped scooter, which she called “the mini loaf,” and parked it next to the Yum bus for a photo op! The cheese-loving and animal-loving excitement was at an all time high on Sunday!

Inside the zoo we had our cheese sampling booth with the Yums parked around it. The zoo was open for eight hours on Sunday and not a second passed that people weren’t sampling Tillamook Cheese!  I’m pretty sure we set a record for number of cheese cubes eaten at a single zoo! We sampled four of our most popular cheeses and found that the kids loved the Monterey Jack and Medium Cheddar the best. Some kids discovered they had more refined taste buds and decided they really like Sharp Cheddar!

Moped Scooter

One fan’s orange moped scooter – “the mini loaf”

I’m not sure which attraction was busiest: the new elephant exhibit or the Loaf Love Tour! The tour will be at the Oregon Zoo this weekend on Father’s Day, Sunday June 17, from 9AM – 5PM. So I wonder, will Oregonians top the cheesiness of the Denver zoo-goers? Be sure to stop by and see for yourself! The first 100 fans wearing orange will get in for FREE! Those after the first 100 will save $1 off zoo admission! We’ll also have cheesy games to play, yummy cheese samples, and coupons to take home. See the schedule for more details.

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