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Love is in the air! It’s finally time to start prepping your plans to win over the heart of your secret crush or longtime lover. Here are some ideas to inspire your craftier side and help you give your valentine a homemade sign of your affection.

Flip your average cupcake on its side – but really. Layer a mason jar with pieces of cupcakes and icing for a festive and portable treat! You can even dye white cupcake batter pink and red for an extra pop of color!

Bake a giant cookie and write a little love note on it with icing! You can bake a stick into the back for an easy cookie-gram handoff to your valentine.

Repurpose Tillamook Yogurt and Sour Cream containers into candy carriers. Cover them in felt and fill with your favorite holiday candies!

Still have some Smile Sticks from your last Loaf Love Tour visit? Remove the handle and cut a hole into the middle of the smile for a lollypop! When the kids lick their lollypop, the smile stick will be in perfect position over their mouth! You can cover the back with felt or paper and write a personalized note to your valentine!

Show your loaf love with a festive homemade lunch! You can easily cut sandwiches into hearts using cookie cutters. Sometimes it’s the little things that show you care. Don’t forget some Oregon Strawberry or Raspberry Yogurt for a little pop of pink!

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