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Tillamook scoops up ice cream to support the local 4-H programs

It’s Tillamook County Fair time! In Tillamook, it’s a time for pronto pups, ice cream cones, exhibits, horse races, Pig-n-Ford races, and thrills on the midway. It’s also time to enjoy a Tillamook Ice Cream cone and support the local 4-H programs while doing so.

TCCA and the local 4-H have been scooping together since 2010. Farmer-owners and employees, alongside 4-H leaders, parents, and students, staff the Tillamook Ice Cream booth together. The proceeds are used to help fund individual programs and provide scholarships. Over the past two years, TCCA has donated approximately $22,500 directly to the 4-H program. And this year, we are hoping to do better than ever. After you have a scoop of ice cream, be sure to check out the bovine beauties in the dairy barn. It is their hard work, after all, that goes into making our deliciously creamy Tillamook Ice Cream.

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