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Just because the weather is changing, doesn’t mean our ice cream-eating habits need to. And let’s face it, Tillamook Ice Cream is delicious any time of year! Luckily for Los Angeles, our Tillamook Ice Cream Bus is staying around until mid-November to share really creamy ice cream with fans.

Having a birthday party and need some ice cream to top that cake? Does your BBQ need to be accompanied by ice cream sundaes? If you’re having an event let us know and we’d like to make it extra special. How do you get a visit from the bus? A few simple steps will get you there:

1. Join The Tillamook Co-Op (a community of diary lovers who believe in real food and help Tillamook shape our business).

2. Request a visit, by going to this page, clicking “REQUEST FARM-TO-PARTY”, and filing out the form on the next page.

3. If we can make it to your event, we’ll be in touch.

You bring the guests, we’ll bring the deliciousness!
Don’t forget to tag your photos from your Farm-To-Party with #ForRealFood!

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