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National Grilled Cheese Month is in full swing now! We hope you’ve been heating up your griddle and joining us for some cheesy fun. In the spirit of pairing grilled cheese with all of our favorite things, we thought it would be fun to share some of our most punny movie and grilled cheese combinations!

1. Muensters Inc  = Munester Panini + Monsters Inc.

2. Home Provolone = Chicken Basil Provolone Grilled Cheese + Home Alone

3. Revenge of the Curds = Grilled Cheese Curd Panzanella + Revenge of the Nerds

4. Swiss Congeniality = Swiss Grilled Cheese + Miss Congeniality

5. Crocodile Duncheese = Classic Grilled Gheese + Crocodile Dundee

6. Rebel Without a Curd = Cheese Curds Grilled Cheese + Rebel Without a Cause

7. Some Like It Hot Habanero Jack = Pepperbelly Melt + Some Like It Hot

8. V for Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar = Triple Threat, featuring Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar + V for Vendetta

9. Colby with a chance of Meatballs = World’s Best Colby Jack & meatball sandwich + Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

10. Mozz: The Great and Powerful = Mozzarella Caprese Melt + Oz: The Great and Powerful

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