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Celebrate National Hot Fudge Sundae Day with Tillamook Ice Cream!

If you need a break from the summer heat (or a good excuse to eat ice cream), have a hot fudge sundae today! It is, after all, National Hot Fudge Sundae Day and Tillamook Ice Cream provides a great avenue to help you celebrate this deliciously monumental day. As an ice cream lover, this is one of my favorite days!

For those of you visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory today, enjoy $.50 off hot fudge sundaes!

A classic hot fudge sundae recipe includes:

– Any flavor of ice cream
– Hot fudge, of course (I like a┬áchocolate sauce)!
– Nuts
– Whipped cream
– Sprinkles (I love the color)!
– And a maraschino cherry on top

You may, of course, celebrate this day in any fashion and add your own twist to the classic. Bananas? Brownies? Marshmallows? Cake pieces? The choices are endless… Get your spoons ready!

Photo courtesty of Leslie Kalohi

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