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Is there anything more nostalgic than hosting a fancy tea party for all of your friends? It takes me back to the days of setting up all my stuffed animals and My Little Ponies around in a circle and serving them tea and sweet treats. Clearly I was born to be a hostess! This summer I’m thrilled to host a tea party for my friends that aren’t of the stuffed variety. In case you want to do the same, here are a few of my favorite tea party hosting tricks!

Send Out Invitations
A tea party is a tad bit fancier than your typical backyard bbq, so why not kick it off with a bang by sending out formal invitations to all of your guests? A hand written invitation is a lovely option, but there are plenty of really cute e-cards available as well like this Pinkies Out card from Paperless Post! Remember to remind your guests to dress the part. It’s the perfect excuse to break out the flowery dresses and pearls!

Freshen Up On Your Table Etiquette
The table presentation is a crucial part of your tea party, so it’s important to follow the golden tea time table setting rules. First, start with a white table cloth to set the stage for all of the goodies to come. At each seat, place one dessert or salad sized plate with a napkin and fork to the left, and a spoon and knife to the right. A tea cup and saucer should be placed above the napkin on the left hand side of the plate, and a water glass should go above the spoon and knife to the right. In the center of the table, arrange your dessert and sandwich platters. Tea pots can be left on the table or kept to the side.

Serve Dainty Finger Foods
A big part of the fun is the food that you serve alongside the tea! I like to serve a variety of light, tea sandwiches like cucumber or cheese. Scones, petit fours, cookies or small tarts are great sweet options to have on the table. Having a variety of tea is also a good idea if you are hosting a crowd. Fill your tea pot with hot water and pass a selection tea bags around the room so everyone can pick their favorite!

Play Lawn Games
Summer is the perfect time for a backyard tea party, which makes it easy to transition from tea time to game time! If you have a yard, set up a croquet course or a cornhole game. Try to pick games that are not strenuous and can be played while still socializing, tea cup in hand. A feisty game of backyard volleyball is probably not ideal!

Give Out Party Favors
Thank your guests for coming to your fancy soiree by handing out small parting gifts. This could be a couple satchels of tea, a tea party themed sugar cookie or tea accessories like a steeper or a spoon. Your favor doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just a little something to let your guests know how happy you are that they could make it!

Do you have any tea party tips? We would love to hear them in the comments below!



I have a tea party 4 times a year with my granddaughters, The 5 Little Lovelies. (4-18 Yrs) At our last tea party we practiced our social skills, learning how to participate in conversation. I had cards with questions that each girl asked to the person next to her. So they learned how to start a conversation and how to be a good listener and how to speak and present themselves. It ended up being more than of an experience than I planned. I learned they are planning to be a princess, 2 vets, 1 animal nutritionist and one professional baseball player. I know what they imagine their weddings will look like and who their best friends are and what admiralable qualities those friends have. I quickly wrote down their answers, tucked them into my journal and the girls told me not to loose those answers and to bring my notes to their weddings. We laughed and learned and loved. And I was thinking the tea/lemonade and cookies were the important part of a tea party and now we know differnt.

June 23rd, 2014 at 11:19 am

Tillamook Team

Hi L Willis!

Thank you so much for sharing your recent tea party experience with us on the blog! It's so nice to hear stories like this, and to be reminded that the most important part of any meal or tea party is the company that you share it with. Your granddaughters are very lucky to have a grandmother like you! Thanks again for sharing with us!

All the best,

Lauren of the Tillamook team

June 24th, 2014 at 9:32 am
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