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As a new Tillamook brand ambassador I have read and heard stories about the wonderful Day of Loaf. After a week and a of the tour we, experienced what this day means as we kicked off Phoenix Taco Week. Arizona’s Day of Loaf consisted of an entire day dedicated to driving our amazing little orange VW buses (the Yums) and eating specialty Tillamook tacos at four partner restaurants. The Yums always draw a crowd. Everywhere we went people asked questions and gave compliments: stop lights, gas stations, stores, and even while in motion down road. One lady jumped out of her car at a stop light to give us a business card. Two people pulled up next to us and waved out the window, showing their Tillamook coupon booklet they had received when they met us just days before! I definitely felt like a cheesy rock star! After all, what’s not to love about driving around in 75 degree weather in a bright orange Tillamook bus with the top down?

All this driving led us to some delicious tacos. The first stop was Carte Blanche Gourmet Tacos. We tried a grilled tilapia lime slaw taco with Tillamook Pepper Jack grated on top! Next we went to Fuego Tacos and ate another delicious taco! Our waitress was so fun. She even pinned a Tillamook button in the braid in her hair and Tillamook stickers on her face! (check her out in the pic below!) On our way to Vitamin T we crossed paths with a motorcycle parade (Lucky us! We felt like we were part of the festivities celebrating Arizona’s Centennial!).  Lastly, we made room for one more taco at Ticoz Resto-Bar on their soothing patio alongside an amazing fire pit! Delicious!

The Day of Loaf proved to be a very exciting and FULLfilling day. I don’t think I can count a favorite among my many tacos, but if you’re in Phoenix I hope you get out to try these amazing places! If you’re not here in Phoenix, what’s your favorite taco recipe using Tillamook products?

Hope to see you on the road!

Until next time,

~ Ashley, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador. Follow me on Twitter @TillatasticAsh!

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