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Tornado in Texas!

As touring brand ambassadors, we experience lots of things for the very first time. On our last day in Plano, TX we witnessed our first tornado.  It was exciting and frightening all at the same time when the news reporters started broadcasting warnings around noon. Naturally, we frantically gathered all of our leftover bags of Tillamook Cheese and prepared for an afternoon huddled around the TV.

As we watched the tornadoes brewing in the dark sky, saw the rain coming down in gallon-sized rain drops, and listened to the sound of emergency sirens outside, the center of our tornado party was none other than…. Tillamook Cheese!!!  We pooled together a mix of spare crackers, but Noelle quickly realized that what we really needed was comfort food. What we needed was macaroni and cheese. But after the news showed a parking lot full of huge semi-trucks and trailers (much like our Daddy Loafs) getting thrown through the air like toys, we decided that a “quick trip” to the grocery store was not an option.

So, we quickly strategized how to get the needed ingredients. Our biggest obstacle was two tablespoons of flour, and we had to get creative. One of the best parts of this particular hotel was the Texas-shaped waffles served every morning.  What’s the main ingredient in waffle mix?  Flour!  The concierge at the front desk helped us get what we needed, and she was quite impressed with our crafty recipe tweak. It was really a team effort – April supplied the noodles, Alyssa donated her Tillamook Sharp Cheddar cubes, I contributed some broccoli, and Noelle went to work in the kitchen!

As the tornado sirens blared from neighboring buildings, we sat together on the couch, on the floor and in doorways enjoying our deliciously cheesy snacks. In the end, the tornado missed us by just six miles. The Daddy Loaf trucks and stayed firmly on the ground, all five Baby Loaf buses sound asleep in the trailers. When the announcement came on television that it was safe to leave our hotel, we were incredibly relieved. The only thing that would have made our celebration sweeter would have been some Tillamook Ice Cream. Because when it comes to surviving your first tornado, there’s nothing you want more than a big bowl of Tillamook Mudslide.

See you safely on the ground!


Maya and the team get cheesy (and creative) with their mac n’ cheese recipe

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