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We know you have been waiting! It’s that time of year again when our group of energetic, cheesy cheese-loving brand ambassadors hit the road in Tillamook orange in a city near you! They will kick off the tour in Phoenix and Lubbock spreading the Loaf at a store near you. Don’t miss meeting the team! See pictures below and read a short bio about each unique team member and don’t forget to check out the schedule online!



Madison O.
Hey cheese lovers! My name is Madison Ornstil and I grew up eating awesome Tillamook Cheese in Oakland, California. I come from a sports loving family, so when I am not eating yummy Tillamook cheese you can likely find me cheering on my favorite teams.  My only issue with sports games is people eating all that processed nacho cheese. To them I say, “GIVE ME TILLAMOOK!” I moved to Portland after graduating college in Chicago. Chicago was great, but I needed more natural cheese in my life, so I decided to move straight to the source.  Can’t wait to see you on tour!



Matt M.
Monterey Matt checking in from Portland getting all excited to hit the road and visit y’all! I have grown up on Tillamook my entire life and am ready to share some of my memories and experiences with you and hope you will share in return. Tillamook Cheese goes best on nacho cheese chips melted in the microwave or on a juicy burger piled high with an egg and bacon. When I am not sharing all my knowledge about Tillamook, I will be enjoying the sunshine in Southern California, spring training in Arizona, and attending many, many country concerts wherever they are. Some favorites include Brad Paisley, Eric Church, and of course George Strait. I can’t wait to hit the road and see all your smiling faces after I give you the most amazing cheese. Here’s to a great Loaf Love Tour 2013!!!



Pokou X.
*Waves* Greetings Tillamook Lovers! My name is Pakou and I’ll be on the road spreading the loaf love! I was first introduced to Tillamook Cheese and all of their dairy goodies when I moved to Portland, Oregon from Northern California. Since cheese was not something that was a part of my culture, I grew up thinking that processed cheese was real cheese. Boy was I wrong, and once I learned the difference, I haven’t gone back! Tillamook is about the only cheese you’ll find in our refrigerator these days! This is my second year on tour, so I look forward to catching up with people that I’ve met last year and meeting with new people! See you all soon!



Virginia H.
*Dancing in the Cheese Aisle!* I’m Virginia and I love Tillamook Cheese! When I heard there was a job telling the world about what awesome cheese Tillamook makes, I knew it would be the perfect job for me and my cheese shaped earrings! I can’t wait to go to new towns and share the great products that Tillamook makes! If I’m not sharing our cheese samples with you, I may be in the ice cream isle looking for my favorite Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream!



Dee Dee R.
Hi Guys! My name is Dee Dee! I am so excited to be a part of the Loaf Love Tour!!! To represent a company from Oregon that I truly love! I can’t wait to share the products that I enjoy with the West Coast! I have enjoyed Tillamook products all my life! My favorite Tillamook product is the Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Pair that with a Summer Sausage on a Ritz crackers and Yummmm it’s tasty! Our team will be hitting many cities up and down the West Coast and I can’t wait to rollerblade the Boardwalks of California! Perhaps wearing a Tillamook shirt while rollerblading? You might just see me! You can follow me on twitter @CheesyDeeLLT! Tweet Me! I’d love to hear from you!



Ray W.
Hi! I’m Ray, my Twitter name is @LoafOutLoud because I am always laughing. I grew up in a little barn house on the Little Nestucca River. That’s just south of the Tillamook Cheese Factory! I was raised on Tillamook Cheese, and have even met several of the farmers and their cows. My favorite cheese is Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, because it’s like a huge kick in the mouth (in a good way, of course)! I’m a dork and you’ll notice this when you meet me. Be prepared for some cheesy puns and a hearty laugh!



Elisa B.
New girl on the block here, CheesyLisy checking in from the road! Originally from Oregon’s very own state capital, Salem, I am ecstatic to be a part of the Love Loaf Tour to tell you all about Tillamook’s yummy cheeses! I tend to only like the best of the best so naturally I have been a Tillamook connoisseur since I started buying my own groceries. In fact, I love Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream so much I had a bowl of it EVERY night my first year of college! Mmm. Another thing about me is my love for swimming, so I am looking forward to checking out some of the local beaches we stop by on the tour! Maybe I’ll catch you there or you can follow me on Twitter @CheesyLisy to find out all about what’s happing on the Love Loaf Tour!





April A.
April FoCheezy 2.0! It’s that time of the year again where I get to load up my suitcases and fly on out to Texas to represent my favorite, Tillamook Cheese! I was lucky enough to be a part of the Loaf Love Tour in 2012 and am so excited to be back for the LLT’s fourth year! Growing up in Portland, my family always had Tillamook Cheese in the house. Throughout the years I’ve tried almost all of the different cheesy flavors we offer, but my favorite has always been our World’s Best Medium Cheddar! I love making my homemade Mac ‘n’ Cheese with the Medium Cheddar! It is always so creamy and flavorful and doesn’t require any other seasoning than a little salt and pepper!

Last year on the road I was able to do a lot of exploring in the different cities around the country we were working in.  Since I’m a pretty adventurous person, I’m very excited to get back out there and see what the cities will have to offer me this year!



Katie L.
Hi my name KT Loaf Love, but you can call me Katie. I was raised in Portland, Oregon on all Tillamook products. I am so excited to travel the country and tell you all about what Tillamook has to offer. My very favorite Tillamook products are the Medium Cheddar and Sharp Cheddar. They make the very best grilled cheese sandwiches! Other than traveling the country and talking about Tillamook, I enjoy going out with friends and enjoying all that Portland has to offer, and trust me, there is quite a lot. I can’t wait to meet all of your new faces on the road very soon!



Ashley R.
In the Tillamook community I’m known as Tillatastic Ash. I am a cheese-lovin’ veteran of the 2012 Loaf Love Tour and am beyond excited to be back for 2013! It was an easy decision to join the LLT team again this year because I’ve been a fan of Tillamook my whole life…but I really just couldn’t resist being around Tillamook Cheese 24/7 for another year! My grandparents took me to the Oregon Coast and Tillamook Cheese Factory every other summer when I was a little kid and I’ve been eating Tillamook products ever since! One reason I loaf being on the road is because I love adventure-I’ll try almost anything once. I enjoy being active outside; hiking, playing catch, going to the river, site seeing in new places! I’m entertained easily and excited about everything! Find me driving the new Tillatruck in Texas this year and I’ll share the loaf love!



Inge P.
Hello I’m Inge from Newberg, OR and my favorite Tillamook products are the Tillamook Cheese and Tillamook Ice Cream. I’ve been eating Tillamook products as long as I can remember. I really love visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory and picking up a bag of Squeaky Cheese. I also slice a piece (or 2) of Sharp Cheddar off the loaf for my sandwiches. When I’m not eating cheese, I’m usually planning my next adventure trip overseas, playing basketball or decorating cakes.



Shelby J.
Hi there, I’m Shelby! And I am crazy in love with Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese…we were introduced by a friend a few years ago and I’m certain I’ve found the Loaf of my life. I’ve been eating Tillamook Cheese for 24 years. I was raised on this stuff and will raise my own family on this stuff. Cheese makes everything better, and makes its way into just about every other, if not every dish that I make, I can’t help it, I LOAF the taste! Not to mention, I am a health nut and Tillamook Cheese is natural, WIN! I will eat cheese any way, but my favorite is melted in and over a hot dish of chicken enchiladas with a creamy white sauce, both topped and filled with cheesey goodness. Apart from my love for food and cooking, I am totally Oregon made, I love the outdoors!! I crave adventure and spontaneity, and will jump at any opportunity to do something I’ve never tried before, minus sky diving. One of my favorite recent adventures was going spear fishing in Hawaii! What are your favorite adventures and loaf love stories? Let me know on Twitter @shellBEsharp. Catch ya lata!



Elida G.
When I first learned that the tour I had applied for had something to do with Tillamook Cheese I nearly fell out of my chair, proceeded to shout “I LOVE CHEESE!” and “This is THE job for me!” Keep in mind I hadn’t even been called for an interview and I was still so excited, so when I received a call from the team offering me a position on the Love Loaf Tour I immediately accepted. I wish I could garnish my love for cheese with lavish adjectives, but it’s just so simple. I love Tillamook Cheese, and can’t wait to share the cheese with the rest of the country. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m Elida! Feel free to follow me on my journey via Twitter @ElidaCheddar!



A friend of mine in Japan wants to know if you ship there.

January 25th, 2014 at 8:12 pm

Tillamook Team

Hi Gary,

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, we don't ship to any individuals, even within the US. If you decide to ship our cheese to Japan on your own, I recommend checking the customs regulations, and sending via 2-day shipping. Be sure to pack the cheese in an insulated package with some ice packs to keep it cool. Let me know if you have any more questions!


Callie, of the Tillamook team

January 28th, 2014 at 3:32 pm
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