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Now that the Tillamook Tour is in full swing, we are letting you in on a Yogurt Tour secret! Not only can you try three of our new Tillamook Farmstyle Greek Yogurt flavors when you visit a tour stop, but you can also give our prize wheel a spin!
After indulging your taste buds with a delicious treat you can see what our Tillamook Tour prize wheel has in store for you. Although you may think you have already hit the jackpot with your tasty Tillamook Greek Yogurt sample, the fun doesn’t stop there. 2
Many lucky Tillamook eaters have gone home with a strawberry seed packet just in time for Spring planting! At Tillamook, we know that the freshest ingredients lead to the most delicious foods and we are excited to share that farmstyle goodness with everyone who lands on ‘Seed Packet’. Plus, why should the farmers have all the fun?
With 14 grams of protein in each serving of our Tillamook Greek Yogurt, it’s no surprise that the Tillamook team has developed some of the best ‘high fives’ around. If you are lucky enough to land on this part of the prize wheel, be prepared for a ‘high five’ that’s a perfect 10.4
The most coveted item on the prize wheel is easily our ‘Slow & Steady’ tee shirt. In order to deliver the thick and creamy goodness of our Farmstyle Greek Yogurt we chose to slow the pace down. We authentically straining the yogurt, taking extra time. Sometimes speed wins the gold, but we would like to think that our Slow & Steady process of making our Greek yogurt wins the taste. Plus, with the extra soft cotton feel that the tee shirt has AND a cameo from Yum 8, who wouldn’t love our tee shirt?
And speaking of slowing down the pace… we’ve created our own Tillamook Tour version of ‘snail mail’ with a Farmstyle twist. Introducing the “Slow Tweet.” As we travel around on tour we are inviting all those who land on our Slow Tweet to get creative and draw or write on a wood chip as part of our cultural exchange. When you are finished with your Slow Tweet, you leave your creation for someone else to enjoy and snag one from a past tour stop. Sharing is caring right? And who knows, perhaps you will make another Tillamook fan’s day with your creative genius.
Land on ‘Smile Stick’ and you get your very own word bubble. Our chalkboard word bubbles are a fun way to share your thoughts visually. Whether you want to express how yummy the Washington Raspberry yogurt is or let the world know about your favorite sports team, feel free to jot it down and spread some smiles.
And last but definitely not least, we have the ‘Banjo’ prize. We bet when you spun the wheel that you didn’t expect to get a chance to be a farmstyle rock star, did you? But yes, yes you can! Land on this prize and we will play our finest banjo track for you to jam out with. Our Tillamook team loves the chance to rock out with you and always cheers and supports our air banjo players. Unleash your inner banjo rocker and you might even go home with some adoring fans.

Everyone’s a winner on the Tillamook Tour Yogurt Prize Wheel.  Catch us on the road and join us in some #SlowAndSteady farmstyle fun!

Post by Cat T.

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