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If your mother is anything like mine, she’s made you hundreds of delicious breakfasts over the years! While I’m a firm believer in celebrating mom all year long, Mother’s Day is always a special opportunity to go above and beyond! Here are six brunch recipes sure to make your mom feel extra special this Sunday!Yogurt Pie Mother's Day RecipeTillamook Farmstyle Greek Yogurt Pies
These delicious breakfast pies are something you can prep ahead of time, and customize to include mom’s favorite Farmstyle Greek Yogurt flavor and some fresh fruit!

Cheese Frittata Mother's Day RecipeTillamook Cheesy Frittata
Frittata–it’s a brunch classic! A hearty cheesy breakfast chock full of veggies and flavor that will set a great tone on the morning. Be sure to use lots of her favorite Tillamook Cheese!

Waffle Grilled Cheese Mother's Day RecipeTillamook Berry Waffle Grilled Cheese
This waffle grilled cheese is the perfect balance of sweet and savory! Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar melted to perfection with sweet marionberries adds a little unexpected delight down to the last bite.

Cheddar Cheese Popovers Mother's Day RecipeTillamook Cheddar Popovers
Prep time is minimal, making these self-contained breads an easy thing to pop into the oven and add to your brunch spread and leave your mom with a cheesy grin. This recipe calls for Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, but we’re confident they’d be delicious with any of our cheeses!

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes Mother's Day RecipeTillamook Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes
This tangy, sweet and oh-so-satisfying combo of fresh, tart lemons, Tillamook French Vanilla Bean Yogurt, and crunchy poppy seeds is delicious on any given Sunday, but it’s particularly yummy as a special Mother’s Day treat.

Iced Mocha Latte Mother's Day RecipeIced Moocha Latte Tillabar Coffee
Give your mom something extra cool to round out her brunch! Add a Mooocha Latte Tillabar (or another delicious Tillabar flavor) to her iced coffee for a treat that’s as sweet as she is! If you can’t find Tillabars close to home, add a scoop of her favorite Tillamook Ice Cream (I recommend Espresso Mocha, Tillamook Mudslide, Old-Fashioned Vanilla, or Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel!)

I hope you’ll join me by treating your mom with some delicious homemade brunch this Mother’s Day!

P.S. Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you! 🙂

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