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In the spirit of Mother’s Day, some of the Tillamook Marketing Team wanted to share some of our favorite memories and celebrations of our moms!

My family isn’t big on gifts, so we celebrate holidays with adventures we think our loved ones will enjoy. This is especially meaningful now that my brother and I live far away from our parents, so we get a chance to catch up and be together. My favorite Mother’s Day was spent walking around the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle with my brother and our Momma Anne. My mom loves animals, and it’s always been one of her favorite outings in the Seattle area. Hearing my mom giggle at the animals, and seeing the little skip in her step as she tells us she is “Sooo happy to see you both!” put the biggest smile on my face and made the 3 hour drive totally worth it.

My favorite Mother’s Day memory comes from the years of macaroni picture frames and illegible cards involving a LOT of glitter. I remember back in preschool my class worked for hours to cover old soup cans in fabric and puff paint to make vases. We filled them with purple and pink tulips and presented them to our moms at a very special luncheon that involved a lot of singing. While I couldn’t find that beautiful tin can vase, I did come across another Mother’s Day craft from my days as a professional artist. I love you mom!


My favorite Mother’s Day memory is the time my brothers and sisters and I decided to make Mom breakfast in bed.  So the six of us – ages 10 and younger – worked hard in the kitchen making scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes and a cup of tea for her. I think we used every pan, bowl, and utensil we owned. We found a tray in a cabinet, placed everything on it, and my sister went outside and pulled up a daffodil (literally bulb and all) to make the meal pretty. We were so proud of ourselves! Then up the stairs we proceeded with runny eggs, burnt toast, undercooked bacon, no pancakes and a lukewarm cup of tea, most of which ended up on the floor.  It didn’t matter – Mom burst out laughing at the sight of her breakfast, told us it was all great and she even proceeded to eat some. She always made us all six of us feel special in our own way, and we loved her!


My memory comes from the receiving end of Mother’s Day. This was my son Noah’s Mother’s Day project last year at school. For those who need 1st grade translation, I believe the 3 best things about me at the time were 1) snuggling on the couch 2) going out to dinner 3) spending time together ♥


Everyone says this about their mom, but my mom was, is and will forever be the best. She and my dad were always there to support myself and my sister – and did it with a purpose. From soccer games, to baseball practice, to choir concerts, my mom didn’t miss anything – even when I’m sure she was exhausted from having to deal with us. She inspired us to be who were we are, regardless of what others think or say. More importantly, she instilled in us a moral compass and level of compassion that has helped guide how we lead our adult lives. As this picture indicates, she also taught me important life lessons like how to properly throw a football while rolling out of the pocket! My mom helped make me the person I am today and I thank her for that every day. I love you everyday mom!

For Mother’s Day in elementary school, I made my mother a bouquet of “flowers” out of tissue paper wrapped around the individual cups of egg cartons and then attached them to pipe cleaners. Those poor little flowers are now over 25 years old, but by golly she still has them on her bedside table. The tissue paper has faded and the pipe cleaners have wilted, but the love is still there in each little flower cup.


They looked like this example from Make and Takes.

Will you share your favorite Mother’s Day memory with us!?



I like that fact the some people would need the 1st grade translation, very cute.

May 8th, 2013 at 6:39 pm

Tillamook Team

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment! What’s your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

All my best,

Callie, of the Tillamook team

May 16th, 2013 at 1:50 pm
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