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Looking for an interesting new way to celebrate Grilled Cheese Month?  Add some fruit to your sandwich! We put together a few fruit and cheese pairings to come up with the perfect melty, gooey, fruity sandwich, and this was one of our favorites! Provolone has a mild flavor that is perfect with spicy arugula and sweet pear. It’s everything you could ever want in a grilled cheese sandwich!

1 tablespoon Tillamook Unsalted Butter
2 slices of bread
2 Tillamook Provolone Cheese Slices
½ pear, thinly sliced
¼ cup fresh arugula

1. Butter one side of each bread slice. Place one slice of bread butter side down on a plate or cutting board.

2. Layer one slice of Provolone Cheese on the bread, followed by the pear and arugula. Top with remaining slice of Provolone and bread.

3. Heat a pan over medium heat. Once it is hot, add the sandwich and cook until cheese is melted, about 3 minutes on each side. To speed up the cooking process, cover your pan with a pot lid to help trap the heat and melt the cheese!

4. Once the sandwich is golden brown on both sides remove it from the pan, slice and serve!

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