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If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean like we do here in Oregon, you’ve probably had a chance to taste the freshest seafood around. I love fresh grilled fish and shellfish in the summertime, but sometimes I don’t have time to plan and prep a big meal with sides and salads. I decided to take the delicious taste of fresh shrimp and combine it with the simplicity of a grilled cheese sandwich using Tillamook Provolone Cheese. This Shrimp Grilled Cheese Recipe is quick and easy to make, delicious to eat, and will leave you with more time to enjoy your summer days.

Pesto Shrimp Grilled Cheese Recipe
Yield: 1 sandwich

6 raw shrimp
2 -4 tablespoons homemade basil pesto (you can use your favorite store brand too)
Garlic powder (optional, and to taste)
1 slice of Tillamook Provolone Cheese
2 tablespoons Tillamook Shredded Italian 2 Cheese Blend
2 slices of French bread
½ tablespoon Tillamook Salted Butter


1. First, de-shell and devein your shrimp. Then, toss your shrimp in a mixing bowl with the pesto until all shrimp are coated.

2. Fire up the grill to medium heat. I recommend putting your shrimp on bamboo skewers (to make it easier to flip them) and cooking on a grill pan or on a sandwich grill. I love the taste of garlic, so I sprinkled some garlic powder on top of my pesto shrimp before placing on the grill.

3. Place your shrimp onto your hot grilling surface and cook for about 3 minutes, then flip over. Once your shrimp turn opaque, they’re done. Remove them from the grill immediately, or you’ll risk having overcooked and rubbery textured shrimp. Remove shrimp from skewers using a fork or tongs.

4. Now it’s time to make your grilled cheese. You can cook your grilled cheese on the stove in a frying pan, on your sandwich griller, or even on the grill outside. Butter the outside of your bread, and heat your sandwich grill or a pan on the stove (if they aren’t already hot and ready). Layer a slice of provolone onto the bottom piece of bread, followed by your cooked shrimp, then sprinkle with the shredded cheese and sandwich together with your second piece of bread. If you’re a big pesto lover like me, you may want to spread more pesto onto the top slice of bread before closing. Grill until cheese has melted, flipping as needed. Enjoy while hot!

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