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The Loaf Love Tour recently met an awesome older couple in Phoenix who are from the town of Tillamook. They knew my granddad and some of my extended family in Tillamook. They told us that the man pictured on our tent backdrop is Ezra Galloway – amazing! They also told us a story about how they were asked to bring a 40lb loaf of cheese for their grandson’s wedding as his grooms cake. They knew someone at the Tillamook feed store who helped them get a 40lb piece of vintage white cheddar. At airport security, the loaf was unwrapped and security said it was the biggest piece of cheese they had ever seen and nothing like it had ever come through the airport!

It was super cool to talk with people who know so much about Tillamook’s history!

-Noelle, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador


Dana Jacobs

This is very exciting!!!!!! Noelle is my daughter and my dad was Basil Jacobs, who this couple snowbirding in Arizona knew!!!!!! It's actually a very small world and, for sure, "All you need is loaf!" It must be true, "Loaf make the world go 'round!"

February 25th, 2011 at 9:43 am
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