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With school out for the summer, it’s time to send the kids off to summer camp! If you’re anything like me, the closest thing to summer camp you’ve experienced in the last decade was watching Moonrise Kingdom. But don’t panic, I’ve done some serious thinking and have come up with 10 essentials to help you help your Tillakid prep for their week(s) at camp!

5 Must-Pack Items
1. A pair of binoculars for bird watching–remind them to keep an eye out for the elusive curds of prey.

2. A Swiss army knife. Cheddar safe than sorry with this one–you never know when it will come in handy! Not recommended for young children. Also, make sure to review your kid’s camp rules before sending them with a pocket knife of any kind!

3. A journal. Remember these from the days before keyboards, smartphones, and Siri? A journal will come in handy if your youngster ends up with some time Provolone; encourage them to take note of what they’ve been doing at camp to look back on in a decade…or at least brush up on their handwriting.

4. A photo or two of you to comfort them in queso homesickness.

5. A harmonica. Small in size, but packs some serious social street cred.  Scientific fact: everyone wants to be friends with the kid with the harmonica.

 5 Pre-Camp Pep-Talk To-Dos
1. Mentally prepare them for the new connections and friends they’ll meet and inevitably grow fondue of.

2. Fire up their can-do attitude and help them Muenster up the courage to try new things. Remind them that Candy Crush will still be there after camp.

3. Review this safety video with them, in case they get into a grizzly situation.

4. Assist them in memorizing the lyrics to some favorite songs for campfire sing-alongs. Stumped? They curd not possibly go wrong with some cheesy Beatles classics, like “Hey Food”, “I Wanna Hold Your Tillabar”, “I am the Waffles”, “Oregon Strawberry Fields Forever”, and of course the classic “All You Need Is Loaf”.

5. Help them get to know their limits. You don’t want them to be the camper who eats one too many s’mores and winds up with a massive sugar crash. I suggest practicing with a few scoops of Fireside S’mores Ice Cream every night before camp. I have a feeling they’re not going to disagree with this one. ; )

P.S. Kids, don’t panic if you don’t remember how to throw a boomerang – it’ll come back to you!

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