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We’ve recently fallen in love with the taste of 34º Crisps with our cheese! With a mission to make the best crackers to enjoy with cheese, our friends at 34º Crisps are knocking it out of the park. These baked wafer-thin crackers are crispy and lightly flavored, making them the perfect complement to the creamy flavors of Tillamook Cheese.

After much experimenting, we’ve come up with four delicious pairings that are perfect for any family gathering, festive soirée, or late night cravings this winter.


Tillamook Swiss (or Baby Swiss) and Cracked Pepper 34º Crisps
This is one of our favorite 34º Crisps flavors, but it can be a little zingy. The strong pepper flavor of these crisps is toned down by the mild taste of the creamy Swiss. 


Tillamook Smoked Back Pepper White Cheddar  and Sesame 34º Crisps
The peppery cheddar adds something new and exciting to the mild and nutty sesame flavor we know so well.


Tillamook Smoked Medium Cheddar and Natural 34º Crisps
No sense in trying to cover the smoky taste of this cheddar – the natural crisps add a little toasty flavor and a lot of crunch to every bite!


Tillamook Garlic White Cheddar and Rosemary 34º Crisps
Rosemary and garlic are frequent flavor friends. If you’ve ever tried this garlicky cheese, you know it’s a strong flavor. The piney lemony flavor of rosemary is the strongest (in our opinion) of the 34 º Crisps flavors and pairs great with the strong garlic flavor of the cheddar.

Helpful Hints:

– These cheeses will taste best at room temperature, so take them out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving
– Order your cheeses for guests from most subtle to strongest
– Find 34º Crisps close to home here

Enjoy your cheese and crackers, and stop by to say hello to our friends at 34º on Facebook!

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