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Making a meal for your family can be difficult when you have children running around who need your attention. Instead of sitting the kids in front of the TV while you try to squeeze dinner prep into the 30 minute window you have before Dora the Explorer ends, why not pick a recipe that the kids can help out with? They will love participating in a “grown up” activity, and there are plenty of kid-friendly tasks that you can give them to prepare an equally kid friendly meal!


Omelet Cup Breakfast
Your kids will love mixing up those eggs with a fork and sprinkling the cheese on top before they bake, and you will love the ease of serving these omelets to go to your family in the morning!


Yogurt Dipped Strawberries
With a little direction, the kids can do all the work with this fun treat! Let them dip the berries into their favorite Tillamook Yogurt then into delicious toppings like crushed almonds or mini chocolate chips.


Tortilla Pizza
Pizza on a tortilla is a lot less work and much easier to do with children! You can do all the veggie chopping then let the kids top the tortillas and sprinkle on the cheese before baking.


Grilled Cheese is a Blanket
Put your kids to work cutting holes in the toast with a cookie cutter before you build the grilled cheese and crack the eggs.


Multi-grain banana bread
Is there anything more fun than smashing bananas? Not for kids! Give them a fork and set them to work while you melt Tillamook Butter and mix the rest of the ingredients!

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