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Looks like this little guy had a GREAT time at the Cheese Factory!

Here’s a recap of some of my favorite recent fan comments. Thanks for another fun month of cheesy conversations!



From @tonyaswank: I’m glad @TillamookCheese is there to add a happy tweet to my Twitter feed. Otherwise the world would look quit bleak today.

From @ClioMouse: Bring me some @TillamookCheese curds! I’ll pay you in cash in an empty parking lot. 🙂 But really.

From @Brienne: Vote for my date to Alisa’s wedding Saturday: A) Louie the Chihuahua, B) A package of Tillamook Swiss slices, C) Old dude I met in Glacier.

From @puckthecorgi: @TillamookCheese Your vintage white makes even cancer meds taste good! Well, okay, not GOOD, but certainly BETTER


From Harrison F.: I would like to thank everyone who is a part of Tillamook and the special care and artisan craftsmanship that could only be a part of the exclusive Tillamook name, brand, and cheese makers. Being a winner in the September contest of the cheesemaking quiz with the gift box of both cheeses I know and relish and those I find exquisitely new. I could not appreciate such a chance and perhaps a little luck at what all at Tillamook has given to me, especially the cheese :). Thank you all and especially Laura Schatz.

From James H.: I pledge allegiance to the cheese of the great state of Oregon, and to the flavour for which it stands, many loaves in my tummy, divisible, with great texture and the best taste for all.

From Jamie H. (a service person in Afghanistan): Afghanistan’s a great place, but its in poverty of my native Tillamook’s delicious cheese. Hopefully by getting some, and sharing it with the Afghan leaders I work with, we can make Tillamook cheese an important part of the peace process here.

From Erica F.: My son was so excited to get to see the cheese being wrapped up and thought it was even cooler when he got waved to by one of the employees haha 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful experience! (photo above)

From VeNicia G.: I would give my left arm for a year’s supply of Tillamook cheese. Maybe even the right one. For sure, if it included ice cream & yogurt! I moved away from the PNW, but Tillamook in my store here makes me feel at home…CHEEEEESY? perhaps. But TRUE. =oP

From Eric G.: Ever want to stir things up a little? Try packing a baby loaf or two in your carry-on when you fly home from Tillamook area. Let’s just say that the TSA guys told me it looks a little too much like bricks of C4 (explosives) for them — no fun. When I got home and ate on it, though, it was certainly worth the trouble!

The littlest Loaf Love Tour fan.

From Jessica: The Loaf Love Tour made our day in Redmond on Saturday! Here’s our little dude in a cheese coma…



Love that you used the photo I shared of my son at the cheese factory :) Look forward to visiting again... hopefully soon

December 6th, 2011 at 8:38 am


Tillamook Team

Hi Erica,

Thank YOU for sharing the photo on Facebook. We hope you can make it back soon too!

-Laura of the Tillamook Team

December 6th, 2011 at 2:54 pm
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