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It is that time of year again for costumes, ghosts, haunted houses, candy and pumpkins, but let’s not forget the cheese! Tillamook Cheese , the perfect color to blend with the spooky holiday will be a great addition to the fun. On October 31sr from 12pm-6pm, we will be celebrating by having Trick-or-Cheese at our store events in California and Texas.

Trick-or-Cheese will be a special event at stores, in which golden tickets will be hidden next to popular Halloween items.


That means golden tickets will be hidden next to delicious pumpkin treats, decorations, candy and many more places! Beginning at 12pm, and every hour after that, our team of Brand Ambassadors dressed as Tillamook Farmers for the occasion, will be hiding golden tickets in stores. Consumers up for the Trick-or-Cheese challenge will then have an opportunity to search for a golden ticket. Lucky winners who find a ticket will redeem at our kiosk for a free 2lb Loaf of cheese coupon. YUM!


Make sure to check out where our team will be in the Loaf Love Tour schedule and tell a friend!


We promise this will be a cheesy good time! But don’t let the fun stop there, check out the blog to make your very own Loaf-o-Lantern pumpkin too!

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